Big Dreams, Strong Heart

Saved by the grace of southern charm: I was born in Ohio and raised in Pennsylvania, but I'm a transplant to North Carolina, who loves all things southern.

BBVA #CompassBowl bound #HailToPitt
I was a bad girl at the vet. Mom and dad are not happy with me, but look how cute I am.
I missed this crazy girl.
M I S S I S S I P P I !
#picstitch Ira at about 3 months and Carmen at 7 months. Look like cousins to me!
This is how the Wilson’s do Christmas!
#picstitch Being a good girl while mom is talking to Auntie Whitney.      Hey friend, what are you doing out there?!
#picstitch Early graduation present from one of my very best friends! @hopkinska ! Thank you!!!
Ira’s First Christmas!
I like smiling, smiling is my favorite.
Thank you to my Auntie Whitney for making me a good girl!! I’m so cute now!
I miss my messy eater.
Apartment Christmas Tree.  Thanks Keef!
Missing this little fluff!